About the Physiatric Center In Orlando, Florida

Though you may not have heard of this medical specialty, physiatrists – MDs and DOs certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation – can play an important role in treating physical disabilities caused by injury or illness. Our goal is to restore physical function in patients with bone, muscle, or nerve injuries or diseases – everything from strokes and brain injuries to low back pain and knee stiffness. Whether arthritis keeps you from gardening or a knee injury has sidelined your daughter from the lacrosse team, our physiatrists create a custom treatment plan to help you enjoy your favorite activities again. We restore physical function as it relates to each individual, whether that means going back to work, playing golf, or getting out with the grandkids. Maximize your physical, biological, psychological, social, and vocational potential with the help of our team. The Physiatric Fitness Center’s treatments focus on helping the patient become as functional and pain-free as possible in order to participate in and enjoy life as fully as possible.


East meets West

The Physiatric Fitness Center is a new state of the art fitness, training, & sports medicine facility located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. Our team-centered approach to care has the goal of performing thorough examinations and developing treatment plans to fix the underlying problem for our clients. We have a stellar reputation in our community of being able to help people without the extensive use of narcotics.

No matter what pain your in

General medical treatment is provided at the in-patient setting, where the physiatrists focus on the maintenance of medical stability, as well as to provide secondary prevention of disability. The rehabilitation clinic, located at The Physiatric Fitness Center, is well-equipped to manage all orthopedic conditions, as it is staffed with promising licensed professionals, who are steadily ready to provide the highest quality of patient care.


Physical Therapy

Orlando’s Leaders in Physical Therapy treatment and education.

Massage Therapy

Need to relax and get all the stress of life out? Give us a call.

Personal Training

Our guided path to physical fitness is like no other.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Give our newest addition to our team a try. See what running on air feels like.

Infrared Sauna Machine

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Skilled Nursing Facility Consults

On location visits from our team of physician assistance.


Dr Nicholas Henderson
Lead Physiatrist
Wilona Teruna
Physicians Assistant
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