Weightlessly running to a faster recovery:

Our quality of life is something that we all hold dear, whether or not we actively think about it. It’s something that can be taken for granted on any given day. We all are aware that there are many factors in life that can take that quality of life away at a blink of an eye. There are simple factors and much harder factors whether it be a person’s age, chronic pain, recovering from surgery, or even a person’s weight. These are all factors that may be seen as inconvenient at the beginning, but it becomes quickly understood that these problems can be debilitating and take away from how one lives.

We have all been told that one of the greatest ways to keep your physical quality of life intact is through fitness and exercise. Fitness activities help with the recovery of afflicted body parts by rehabilitating and strengthening the muscles, tendons and bones. Some injuries are just not possible to heal fully with time alone. Only by retraining the body and getting it back into shape can you have a full recovery.

However, exercise and fitness can potentially cause equal or greater amounts of pain. One beneficial exercise in particular, running, is great for the body. It not only gives your body the physical strengthening, but also provides a great work out for the cardiovascular system. As beneficial as running can be, it is also has a high impact on your body. Stress and impact to the legs, feet, hips, back and joints can cause more pain than what it’s worth. Such pain prevents people from recovering from injuries to the lower extremities fully, which can in turn lead to a lower quality of life and eventual physical decay.

The solution to this would be weightless running. Eliminating the shock across your lower body as your feet drop against the hard floor would be the ideal solution to keep one physically fit and relatively pain free. It is only with the Alter-G Treadmill that you can experience that type of workout. By lifting and supporting your lower body, you can run with a simulated 20% of your body weight, which would eliminate much of the pain that you would experience through a traditional session of running. By giving the runner safe and secured running conditions, the Alter-G can not only help with a speedy recovery to the lower body, but can give you the quality of life you’ve been racing towards your entire life.

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