Finding The Missing Link Between Medicine & Fitness:

Once upon a time there was no medicine or medical practice of any type. Human beings have come a long way since the days prior to having medicinal options, a long way from the age of the Neanderthal. Medicine has given people the chance to ease the pain of an ailment, or heal themselves faster when afflicted with a sickness. When it comes to physical injuries, such as joint pain and back issues, pain killer medication is seen as the solution rather than an aid. We, as people of the modern world, have developed a dependency on masking chronic pain, instead of actually pursuing to rehabilitate the issue and its cause. This leads to patients having a lower quality of life, being dependent on narcotics, and never truly recovering.

One of the most important aspects pertaining to physical recovery is that of the physical rehabilitation process. Time itself does not heal all wounds. Contrary to popular belief, wounds such as muscle soreness, deemed ready-to-go for workouts after having been relieved by pain killers, are in most cases, not entirely healed and thus backtracks one’s quality of life. There is no substitute for weight training, aerobics, or any other physical therapy exercise in order to get an afflicted area back into shape, and back on track.

At times, the physical therapy itself can cause a patient pain, thus adding more stress, as well as pain, and passing that on to the individual. It is in this case that medicine and narcotics would be beneficial to those going through physical therapy. Have you noticed the prescribing doctor is not the same as the physical therapist? This causes a severe disconnect between the physical therapy and the medication necessary for the individual’s healing. It is during this crucial time in a person’s rehab that they need both professionals together.

This disconnect can also be a cause of conflict, when regarding a person’s recovery. Since the doctor and physical therapist are different individuals, having varying responsibilities, and most of the time are not available at the same location, there is much opportunity for miscommunication, to the patient’s dismay. Instead of seeing the individual as a whole, and taking into account all the patient’s medical concerns and needs, they see the disjointed medical side and physical needs of a patient. This can then create a disconnect that does not give an individual the necessary holistic healing needed in order to complete a full recovery.

At The Physiatric Fitness Center, they are in fact the missing link between medicine and fitness, thus combining the physical therapy aspect with that of medicinal healing, in order to give individuals a full, well rounded healing process for them to return to their normal, and perhaps even upgraded, quality of life.

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