How The Physiatric Fitness Center is eliminating the deep rooted dependency on narcotics, and is giving people the chance to live once again.

For years, we have been told that if we get injured, to go to the doctor. More often than not they give us a prescription for pain and instruction to exercise that specific injury. This often is not enough to fully recover from said injury. In fact it can also open doors for potential to begin an entirely new issue into drug abuse. Unfortunately, the medical industry only focuses on a fix to the specific ailment the patient is suffering from, failing to take into account care for the person holistically.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people across the country have developed a dependency on narcotics and other substances in order to ease the pain due to their ailments. Narcotics alone do not always help treat the most severe ailments at hand. What is required, is a balance between prescriptions and fitness. This is not the common practice currently in today’s medical industry.

The Physiatric Fitness Center aims to eliminate that disconnect. Physiatrists are physicians who have completed medical school, as well as four years of onsite training. They are well studied, providing the tools and knowledge to maximize patient performance. Helping them overcome the challenges in areas they currently cannot perform.

By using Eastern, Western, and holistic medical techniques, physiatrists develop a fitness plan that targets the exact needs of their clients. Whether a sports injury, recovering from surgery, or simply getting back into shape; The Physiatric Fitness Center has every tool and every bit of medical understanding to rehabilitate any and every client to the best of their ability.

Within the center, it’s sometimes necessary to prescribe narcotics. Pain relief plays a role with different patients and having that option is important. The important aspect is to know the difference with specialists that understand the different types of pain and how to differentiate.

Their programs and approach have helped countless people overcome some of the most debilitating injuries and recovery processes in order to give their clients a better quality of life. What were once bedridden individuals have now become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. These people are now given a new chance at life that previous practices and programs could never have provided.

The physiatrists at The Physiatric Fitness Center are paving the road to their future to become the new forefront of medicine. By bridging the gap between fitness and medicine, they are creating a new age of rehabilitation and recovery for individuals of all ages. No matter the physical ailment or reasoning behind a client’s arrival, they are there to fulfill the patients’ needs on a physical and mental level, while reaching a new level of balanced medicine.

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